Low Profile Skidding Systems

XLP150 Extreme Low Profile System

The XLP150 Hydra-Slide™ skidding system provides a cost-effective, safe, simple and reliable method for moving, loading or unloading all types of heavy loads… and all components are hand portable. It has a 1.25″ (32mm) profile, reducing jacking time and space requirements.

This slide system is a Push & Pull system, capable of both pushing and pulling 150 tons (135 tonnes).

It’s ideal for areas with restricted access and flat, continuous support (or blocking).

LP400 Low Profile Skid System

The LP400 Hydra-Slide™ skidding system is Engineered for function and convenience. The unique Patented design permits use in most situations requiring a high capacity skid system but where space or access is limited. A total height of less than 2″ (51mm) reduces jacking time and is ideal for situations where overhead space or clearance is limited.


Heavy Track Skidding Systems

HT300 Heavy Track Skid Systems

Hydra-Slide™ Heavy Track skidding systems are one of the most cost-effective, accurate and safe methods for moving, loading or unloading all types of heavy loads where a rigid, load carrying track is required.

System Capacity: 300 Short Tons (270 Metric Tonnes)

Our standard HT300 system package includes:

50 feet of double track

4 Skid Shoes with safety pins

2 hydraulic cylinder assemblies

Connecting Bars & Pins

Safety Stop Blocks

Graphite Lubricant

The push cylinders, accessories and connecting hardware come packed conveniently in a steel Toolbox for storage and transport.

Power Units

Synchronous Hydraulic Power Units

Our Hydra-Pac™ Synchronous* 10,000 psi Hydraulic Power Units provide synchronized control of multiple hydraulic cylinders. They are suitable for operation of all Hydra-Slide Skidding Systems, Turntables, Climbing Jacks and most other double-acting jacking applications.

  • Available with 20 HP, 40 HP or 60 HP engine
  • Engine options include Diesel, Propane and Electric start.
  • Custom built to power 4, 6 or 8 double-acting hydraulic cylinders.
  • Every unit includes a steel safety guard to protect the hydraulic table and valves, lifting lugs, forklift pockets, wheels and a braking handle for easy transportation and safety

*Synchronous control on all points guaranteed to be within 10% of each other regardless of pressure.

Alignment Shoes

AS500 – 500 ton Alignment Shoes

Our 500 ton capacity alignment shoe set makes final positioning of a load simple and precise. The set of 4 pushing shoes includes two 50-ton push cylinders, allowing accurate movement in either direction, or on slight angles. The shoes are 1.75” (45mm) high, with a graphite sliding surface and bonded eurethane/steel base to grip the ground and prevent unwanted movement. Includes several handle sets and lifting holes.

All parts are hand-portable, with the heaviest component weighing 58kg

Climbing Jacks

Hydra-Slide Climbing Jacks are available in sizes of 55, 100 and 200 ton capacity. They incorporate a standard Enerpac (or equivalent) hydraulic cylinder inverted inside a specially designed load casing. Each jack has a stroke of 6″ and they are designed to be used with Ekki jacking timbers. As the jacks are extended and retracted, the Ekki timbers are progressively built under the jack for a very fast and safe means of raising or lowering large loads.


Our Engineered Turntables are extremely simple and low-maintenance – and they solve a big problem – rotating any heavy or oversized load accurately and efficiently, even in areas of restricted access or clearance. They are ideal for rotating items such as transformers or generators during handling or installation. They incorporate a reversible, hydraulically powered rotating mechanism for precise control. Several sizes are available with capacities from 150 tons to 500 tons.